The POW Experience

Are you feeling stuck? Lacking motivation and direction?

Here at The Power of Women Experience, we’ve just the answer you need – our amazing four-day retreat-style Experiences, where we’ll help you reconnect to your passions, your purpose, your positivity and your plan moving forward…

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease here in the UK, we’re already making a plan of our own, looking at dates and venues for our next Experience and putting together a programme of activities we’re sure you’ll love.

Among them, you’ll find

  • POW POWER – Starting and ending your day in a positive and empowering way
  • POW PUMP – A personalised exercise programme to energise and kickstart those happy hormones
  • POW PLATES – Healthy eating
  • POW PICTURES – A range of vision boarding activities, including our unique Life Board
  • POW WOW – A one to one discussion, finding your true why
  • POW PATTERNS – A selection of arty/ crafty workshops
  • POW PAMPER – A range of evening pamper packages to chose from
  • POW PURPOSE – A sneak peak into your unique Energetic Archetype and how this impacts your life
  • POW PLAN – Your personalised plan for moving forward
  • POW PLEDGE – And finally, your promise to yourself…

Find out a little bit more in Deb‘s video here and make sure you keep a lookout for details of when, where and how to book.

One of the best ways to do this is through The POW Experience Facebook private group, a place where members can explore their purpose, fulfilment and strategies for success.

Join the group here, share your own story with other members and get ready to join them – and us – in person on our next exciting Experience!